Reputation Management

Negative publicity on the internet is costing large and small businesses millions of dollars each year. In many cases negative publicity can be outdated, inaccurate, and even made up by a competitor. In this environment just about anyone who wants to attack you can and in most cases get away with it anonymously. We can help you get to the root of the problem and solve it.

Knight Website Design offers two ways to combat negative information on the search engines, proactive and reactive reputation management.

Proactive Reputation Management

Reputation Management

With a proactive campaign we will work to identify and create positive content about a company or person and position these listings in the top of all the major search engines. This allows our clients to put their best foot forward online and helps prevent new negative content from populating to the top of the search engines.

Reactive Reputation Management

Okay, so it’s too late for a proactive campaign and you’re losing business every day due to the bad PR you have online. Our reputation management experts can rapidly develop and launch positive content to displace the negative information on the search engines.