Online Press Releases

Ordinarily, press releases are written and sent to journalists and media outlets with the intent of getting news articles written about the subject.

Online Press Releases

You might think press releases are limited to major news events, widespread program launches, or significant announcements. However, if you’re running a business, you don’t need to have discovered the cure for cancer. You just need to have a business and a desire to tell people about it.

Knight Website Design will work with you to promote your business by creating a campaign of online press releases, written as news stories that are designed to generate valuable inbound links and drive traffic to your website.

Some of the essential aspects of online press releases are:

  • Widespread circulation on the web — Press agencies and newswires will ensure that online press releases are dispersed to multiple news outlets on the same day, leading to increased visibility for your site. This often includes RSS feeds and other forms of syndication, as well as paid inclusions in search engines that offer such services.
  • Targeted keywords — Knight Website Design will craft your online press releases to contain keywords that are specific and relevant to your business. This results in more favorable “natural” search results when potential customers use the search engines to look for products or services that are related to yours.
  • Targeted Website posting — A great way to generate positive buzz for your business is to share your online press releases on sites related to your business or industry. This allows both search engines and customers to find your site more easily.

If you’ve got products or services to promote, there are numerous outlets that will accept your online press releases. Knight Website Design’s marketing and copywriting experts will analyze your company profile and determine with you which local, regional, national, and international outlets are best suited for publicizing your company.