Website By Next Week

We often hear from clients that they wish they’d hired us to build their website, because the company they engaged is taking months beyond their promised delivery time.

We understand the industry norm of taking months to build a website.  However, some companies need to get a web presence in place immediately, and that’s where Knight Website Design comes in.

This website was built in less than 4 days. That’s right–from the time we started until all of the graphics were designed and the content uploaded was less than 4 days. That includes all of the custom features you find on this site; the rotating photo gallery on the home page, the fancy drop-down navigation buttons, the email forms and other features in the columns, the site search function, the SEO features in the back-end, and many plug-ins and features and you can’t see as a site visitor.

If you need a website designed and online by next week, you need to contact Knight today.

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